Members of SOC and key speakers

Members of SOC and key speakers Subject SOC Key


Martin Aubé (Canada) : Chair Field study and modeling x x
Benkhaldoun Zouhair (Morroco) : Co-Chair Atlas Dark Sky Maroc project x x
Salvador Ribas (Spain) Social sciences: economic impact x x
Sergio Ortolani (Italy) Astronomy x x
Casiana Munoz-Tunon (Spain) Astronomy and site protection x x
Annie Gilliland (USA) Social sciences: Great Bassin National Park x
Ghamizi Mohamed (Morroco) Biodiversity and light pollution x x
El Mouden El Hassan (Morroco) Artificial lighting in Toubkal National Parc (Morroco): Any effects on wild animals? x x
Ouidad Tebbaa (Morroco) Social sciences: tourism x x
Ismael Moumen (Canada) Astronomy and instrumentation x x
David Baratoux (France) Astronomy x
Rémi Boucher (Canada) Social sciences:first dark sky reserve x
Nicolas Bourgeois (France) Social sciences: Pic-du-Midi dark sky reserve x
Ariadna Garcia Saenz (Spain) Health and light at night x
Sébastien Vauclair (France) Land protection and field study x

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